reblog: Toni DeBella, Rick Steves, and The Food Police in Italy

Very funny (while informative) video produced by Toni DeBella, a blogger (Orvieto or Bust) who has relocated her life to Orvieto, Italy.

location of Orvieto, Italy

location of Orvieto, Italy

Rick Steves, a travel consultant, is based in my state and is well-known for helping Americans be smart and courteous European travelers.  I had a bunch o’ Rick’s info packed for my Italy trip that didn’t happen.

There are apparently four videos in The Food Police series, but I did start with the Rick Steves episode at the link (below).  It’s only 9 minutes long, well worth watching (loved Rome’s cobbled side streets).  The other episodes are shown at the link, too.  Only about 3-something minutes each.

Rick Steves in My Inbox


Who Can Do This? YOU!!! « P’nina Pedals

JustI stopped in over at my “making room” post and left this link.  P’nina has quite a back story (that includes traumatic brain injury) and quite a front story that includes a long-distance bike ride in Israel!

Update:  I’ve spent some time reading several more of her posts.  You should, too.

Who Can Do This? YOU!!! « P’nina Pedals.

Press This: gardenhistorygirl: Words with a Garden History: Favela

It’s a short bit about words and gardens.  What’s a better combination?!  And we get to learn about Brazil!

gardenhistorygirl: Words with a Garden History: Favela.

She says:  “What is your favorite word with an unexpected or forgotten garden meaning?  Mine is vignette, which means something short enough to be written on a vine leaf.”

Writing from the Edge: The Goddess of Plenty

Writing from the Edge: The Goddess of Plenty.

I love this blog.  Just do.

Here is how Lorely, an evocative writer from the Wild West Coast of Ireland, captures this particular blog post:

I looked around my own small patch of earth, my generous share of the goddess of plenty’s gifts, with all its plants – flowers – beauty – healing and power.

It is all given to us, I thought, in infinite variety – to see, to hold, to use, to pleasure our senses, to heal our bodies, to quiet our minds, and – as is the way with the earth – everything links into everything else, but it is up to us how we use it, how we see those connections.

So – I pondered – let’s do it – let’s look at the bounty around us, admire it, celebrate it, share it and spread it around.

(She is celebrating her one-year blog anniversary by giving away something very special.)

For her, I add a photo of the twisted willow in my yard, Salix tortuosa.

the healing willow tree

This lady leads a rich life–she shares about gardens, dogs, Napoleon, cats, skinny dipping (!)….  wait–here’s a screen shot of her tags/categories!

Go on.  Off with you.  Go visit and stay awhile.

Oatmeal Cocoa Cookies by The Goodie Plate (blog)

The Goodie Plate stopped by here one time after I’d posted something or other I’d baked.  (I can’t remember what it was and it doesn’t really matter.)

The cookies in the title are very, very good!  I didn’t bake all the dough when I mixed it up a couple of weeks ago, so stored it in the fridge for spontaneous cookies, which we had today.  By the by, I’d limit the fridge storage to 1 week and freeze otherwise.

The cookies are topped with ganache that was made with soy milk and not cream!  The whole recipe is healthy!  How’d they do that?!

Go visit them–I bet you find something you’d enjoy!

Homeless cats stories | Usyaka

Homeless cats stories | Usyaka.

Go see what Alexandra has been doing for the homeless cats of Montenegro!  Amazing.

…Launching U.S.A…(Yes, its Usyaka ! !) …by Neo Watercolour

Victoria Butterell over at NeoWatercolour has captured Usyaka the Cat in watercolor!  Here’s a perfect rendering of that little cat sharpening her nose based on a photo by Alexandra, Usyaka’s human!    I just love looking at this photo–makes me grin!  And now we have an evocative watercolor, my repeated views of which may have driven the stats crazy!

Victoria is helping Alexandra to raise funds for cat-care using this painting!   Usyaka and her humans live in Montenegro (see map below) and as Victoria says: “… there are no official shelters or welfare facilities for cats.”

We can help, too!  Victoria’s post (link at end) will give more information about how we can do that.

Montenegro (see the orange arrow; click picture to enlarge.)

Interactive Google Map of Montenegro here.

Here is Victoria’s post.  Be sure to click to enlarge her photos so you can see the detail of the painting:

….Launching U.S.A……..(Yes, its Usyaka ! !)…… | Neo Watercolour.

Pusheen the cat

This animated cat is way too funny!

Pusheen the cat.

dark roasted blend

Big Mister loves this blog and I have just remembered to look at it.  (Never mind.)    Here is how the authors represent the blog:

dark roasted blend:  ‘highly visual “Weird & Wonderful” online magazine to complement your daily coffee ritual.’

‘The “Dark Roasted Blend” online magazine is dedicated to the ongoing quest for wisdom and beauty, for all things cool and wonderful in our world, featuring the best in art, travel and fascinating technology.

‘The “Thrilling Wonder Publication” bi-line stands for the sense of wonder that has been largely neglected in our cynical times. To that end, our “Thrilling Wonder” family of sites try to promote “the intense, wonderful and never-boring” side of things.’

If Neil Gaiman likes this, then I’d better pay attention!

I had a little trouble figuring out how to subscribe by email, so in case anyone else needs a boost….  Here’s an annotated screen shot of the subscription page:

Tuesday Sharesday: Prada Menswear Fall 2012

You MUST see this Prada fashion show!  I think the clothes are beautiful and that Big Mister should have some!

Prada Menswear Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

Saturday Sharesday: garden history girl

I discovered this blog, gardenhistorygirl, when I was researching Chinese and Persian gardens last year during my year of landscape design study.

I love to wander through her posts.  So much inspiration that she brings to us regular ole gardeners!  Enjoy!

And I didn’t laugh when I read she had a Master’s degree in garden history; I felt delighted and a little bit of wishful thinking!


Saturday Sharesday on Sunday: JustUs Society

Another funny lady!  Also, dead serious and right on about cultural happenings, such as health care, censorship, and penis pumps!  Go visit JustI at JustUs Society.  A mathematician, statistician, and thinker.  She’s got a great Hitchcockian theme for her blog, too, which is spooky fun to look at.

Ask her how her retirement went!

(Ed. note:  I have corrected the gender of the JustUs Society writer!  Large apologies for the error!)

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Saturday Sharesday: The Life and Times of Nathan Badley

I discovered this blog earlier this winter, The Life and Times of Nathan Badley.  I’m pretty sure I saw a comment somewhere… but of course I can’t remember.  (Could it have been somewhere in the comments of a post by  The Idiot Speaketh?)  His post titled “I Sure Could Go For Some Bowling and a Decent Soup”  made me laugh!

I’ve added him to the sidebar.  Do go read his writings.  He is wryly funny and his commentary on life quite off-kilter, which of course we like!

Enjoy!  Have you discovered anything interesting?

Go see this blog: Friday Sharesday!

Oh man, I love these elderly women!  Margaret and Helen.    The political commentary alone is refreshing!

I found them as a blogroll link from here:  wildcelticrose.

Saturday Sharesday

Note from the Editor who has a better memory than the writer:  the inspiration for this idea came from reading Kathy’s post, Blogging: The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving.   _________Back to our program…… ________

Lots of those blogging awards out there, huh?  “Award” may be not the best noun to use, but at the moment I don’t have a good suggestion.  Something along the lines of a Progressive Supper, where we move from house to house snacking on good food and getting to take away leftovers to enjoy later!

The point of the awards seems to me to be to pass the word about blogs discovered.  (It may also be about advertising WordPress, but I’m a little older and cynical now.  Don’t you wonder why they give this capability for free?  Ah, digression.)  Perhaps we could keep the intent and try:

Saturday Sharesday!

Wherein we bloggers who love to share our discoveries take a moment on a Saturday (or whenever–the days were named a long time ago and the gods maybe won’t mess with us too much if we post on Thor’s Day instead of Saturn’s Day!   And here’s a shocker:  not everyone in the world has the same names for the days!).  I digress.  As usual.

Just link to a blog you’ve discovered–no other requirements.  Do several or 1 or 100!  (It doesn’t have to be a WordPress blog!  Gasp!)

Or, share a funny cartoon!  (Which is my favorite, I confess!)

Or, just make a note of the many places your discovered bloggers live:  international enlightenment.

Or, change your blog’s language to a different language and see what happens!   I’m trying to imagine the hilarious translations!

Think of it this way:   circulating good writing and pictures is good for the world.   And it’s a mighty small world and it needs continued help.

I’ll start (and may be the only one, but heck I’m used to dancing by myself!).  They live in the US, Republic of Ireland, and Canada!

Tranquil Space Designs:  cards with personality, some with painful, funny puns!

Dummy Zero’s Blogpad:  Dedicated to the Flash of Original Genius from Creative Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Tinkerers.   Time to hear the truth about the For Dummies book concept.

That Is Priceless:  Art’s Greatest Masterpieces, Made Slightly Funnier

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