healing powers of expressive writing: James Pennebaker

I’ve been wanting to write about Pennebaker’s “healing powers of expressive writing” ever since Isobel left a tantalizing link in a comment back in April.

Since my energies and brain-power wax and wane, I’ve been waiting to be ready to write an informative post.  Ain’t gonna happen.  The being ready.  Why wait to share?  (As it is, I am struggling here….)

To get started, go read the short article, please, linked in the next paragraph.   For more information, see below at “more info.”

For nearly 20 years, Dr. James W. Pennebaker has been giving people an assignment: write down your deepest feelings about an emotional upheaval in your life for 15 or 20 minutes a day for four consecutive days. Many of those who followed his simple instructions have found their immune systems strengthened. Others have seen their grades improved. Sometimes entire lives have changed.”

As regular readers know, illness has changed my abilities in reading and comprehension.  The good news is that back in May when I was still mired in bad muck, I could understand the intent and instructions in Pennebaker’s assignment.   No special writing ability is necessary.  Note the wisdom about being ready to write about a particular moment.  Smart.

I printed out the two callouts from that first link to use as my instructions.


two callouts I used as my instructions
source:  http://www.utexas.edu/features/2005/writing/

✍  ✍  ✍  ✍  ✍

more info

Truly, it is worth wandering through.  (Each link will open in a new tab.)

James Pennebaker’s home page at the University of Texas.  At the bottom, see the links, some of which include online exercises.  A sampling:

Enhanced guidelines for healing writing, still short, but with a little more to think about.

Insight into your own use of language:  http://secretlifeofpronouns.com/exercises.php.

The Online Research Consortium.  University of Texas psych research being conducted online–we’re the guinea pigs.  Questionnaires out the gazoo.  Painless.  Anonymous.  Kinda fun.

The BBC Radio 4 programme introducing Pennebaker’s research.

✍  ✍  ✍  ✍  ✍

I found all those links after I tried the expressive writing.  That’s me anyway–get the gist of something and full steam ahead!

(Here’s a link to the discussion that Isobel and I had.  At the end of the comments.  Thanks, Isobel.)

I’d really like to hear what you think!


reblog: Toni DeBella, Rick Steves, and The Food Police in Italy

Very funny (while informative) video produced by Toni DeBella, a blogger (Orvieto or Bust) who has relocated her life to Orvieto, Italy.

location of Orvieto, Italy

location of Orvieto, Italy

Rick Steves, a travel consultant, is based in my state and is well-known for helping Americans be smart and courteous European travelers.  I had a bunch o’ Rick’s info packed for my Italy trip that didn’t happen.

There are apparently four videos in The Food Police series, but I did start with the Rick Steves episode at the link (below).  It’s only 9 minutes long, well worth watching (loved Rome’s cobbled side streets).  The other episodes are shown at the link, too.  Only about 3-something minutes each.

Rick Steves in My Inbox

Thanks for clearing that up. I feel better now.

2012 is here

Here’s the news from the first day of the new year.  Glad to be of assistance.

The Apocalypse Calendar by Thomas Quinn — Kickstarter

The Apocalypse Calendar by Thomas Quinn — Kickstarter.

Aw, go ahead and buy one.  It’ll make 2012 fly by!

Thomas Quinn Apocalypse Calendar

7 billion people and you: What’s your number?

BBC News – 7 billion people and you: What’s your number?.

This is the entertainment portion of your morning, or evening perhaps.





News you CAN use!

Trying to leave on vacation, but had to dash over and get this pic:

Ruh-roh, Reorge*!

New Adventures of Queen Victoria, continued.

*In case you aren’t a Jetson’s fan(atic), this is how Astro the Dog tends to pronounce words.  That’s Reorge with Rastro (or:  George with Astro).

Cloudy, with a chance of rain


New Adventures of Queen Victoria

BBC News – Drunk Swedish moose found in apple tree near Goteborg

BBC News – Drunk Swedish moose found in apple tree near Goteborg.

Um, what could I possibly add?!

To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas, Hold Your Nose : Shots – Health Blog : NPR

To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas, Hold Your Nose : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.

I’m just tryin’ to read the funnies after a quick, no-sock-in-the-gut look at the headlines.

I haven’t even been able to get out of my jammies to go get more gunk for the tub caulking and now this.

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