I’m a helper girl!

A long-distance friend has been feeling overwhelmed by Life and even tho’ I can’t show up with chicken soup and stupidity, I can email funny stuff.

Here are some links (that SHOULD open in a new window) to the stuff I’ve sent.  These were good to send, right?

Morning Wakeup Call

Space Ghost Interviews Lassie

Cartoon Theme Song Most of You SHOULD Know Unless You’re from Waaaaaay Outtttta Town



Tuesday is better

I have 15 lb of floooofy cat sitting on me, I’m drinking a cup of coffee (which I missed yesterday), and the sun is shining in the window.

Feeling better today.  I guess I forgot that I could get regular sick!

Your concern and good wishes carried me through a scary day.  I realized this morning that my fear was the first powerful somatic remembering of that awful day in February that profoundly changed my sense of me.

Maybe now that that is outta my system, the remembering, I can have another cup of coffee and look around for breakfast.  Or feel feisty.  Or post about another book.  Maybe all of ’em!

blogging friends

After I got out of hospital in mid-February, I was away from blogging world because the computer made me too queasy.  Took me ages to start wandering through the blogs I follow.

One day, made lovely by this discovery on heretherebespiders, I got a big ole dose of the warm fuzzies!  I was reminded that we really do connect here in blog-world!

Thank you, Spiders, for noticing that I was absent and for the fun art! (She had posted this on her blog: http://wp.me/p1TTEc-d7.)
art by heretherebespiders

Saturday Sharesday

Note from the Editor who has a better memory than the writer:  the inspiration for this idea came from reading Kathy’s post, Blogging: The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving.   _________Back to our program…… ________

Lots of those blogging awards out there, huh?  “Award” may be not the best noun to use, but at the moment I don’t have a good suggestion.  Something along the lines of a Progressive Supper, where we move from house to house snacking on good food and getting to take away leftovers to enjoy later!

The point of the awards seems to me to be to pass the word about blogs discovered.  (It may also be about advertising WordPress, but I’m a little older and cynical now.  Don’t you wonder why they give this capability for free?  Ah, digression.)  Perhaps we could keep the intent and try:

Saturday Sharesday!

Wherein we bloggers who love to share our discoveries take a moment on a Saturday (or whenever–the days were named a long time ago and the gods maybe won’t mess with us too much if we post on Thor’s Day instead of Saturn’s Day!   And here’s a shocker:  not everyone in the world has the same names for the days!).  I digress.  As usual.

Just link to a blog you’ve discovered–no other requirements.  Do several or 1 or 100!  (It doesn’t have to be a WordPress blog!  Gasp!)

Or, share a funny cartoon!  (Which is my favorite, I confess!)

Or, just make a note of the many places your discovered bloggers live:  international enlightenment.

Or, change your blog’s language to a different language and see what happens!   I’m trying to imagine the hilarious translations!

Think of it this way:   circulating good writing and pictures is good for the world.   And it’s a mighty small world and it needs continued help.

I’ll start (and may be the only one, but heck I’m used to dancing by myself!).  They live in the US, Republic of Ireland, and Canada!

Tranquil Space Designs:  cards with personality, some with painful, funny puns!

Dummy Zero’s Blogpad:  Dedicated to the Flash of Original Genius from Creative Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Tinkerers.   Time to hear the truth about the For Dummies book concept.

That Is Priceless:  Art’s Greatest Masterpieces, Made Slightly Funnier

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