magic food finger

Our blue-eyed BuddyBoop, whose name has migrated to such sobriquets as Ooper and OopityBoopity, is a wee bit cross-eyed.  He stands by his full food bowl and looks up at Big beseechingly and often mewls once quietly:  “Oh Monkey-Boy, I’m still a starving kitten and the food bowl is empty.”

Big has learned to stir the food with his Magic Food Finger.  OopityBoopity indicates his gratitude and has a snack out of the newly-filled bowl.

If the Magic Food Finger is not employed in the evenings, the 15-pounder jumps on me as I sleep and then stands on me.   The pain of focused pounds per square inch exerted by four cat paws cannot be underestimated.

BuddyBoop the Marshmallow

BuddyBoop the Marshmallow


making stamps

Sounds like “making book,” but I haven’t been doing any gambling.  Well, not with money, anyway.

The art world is generous in the extreme in sharing knowledge.  I learned some of these stamp-making techniques from Approachable Art by Judi Hurwitt (mixed media and textile artist).

String, apparently, we’ve been using since we were kids to make stamps.  Except I didn’t, so it’s new to me.  The bright green squiggles and squares are 3D paint I had leftover from some art attempt in the dark ages.

That painted blue page has imprints of other string and 3D paint stamps I’d made (poking out from under the easel).


It must be a sign of true love, BuddyBoop:


This pic makes me think of Wazeau and her beautiful crochet pieces that her cats insist on sitting on!

Always helping, but more in a revolving-door fashion.  Here I was cutting out a stamp and stencil and Calpurrnia held down the cardboard for me, the sharp x-acto knife by her bum notwithstanding.


Buddy came along after I’d finished with the knife.  That piece on the easel is where I’d used the 3D paint stamp of squares.


That is all.  Kinda talkative for a Blurt and Run.  I’ll try harder next time.  <:-D




cooperative sleeping surface

Cats know!   Me:  the cooperative sleeping surface!

I figured out the library large-print books mean that I can read with one eye open!  And dim light when Big Mister is going to sleep!

front yard garden

Lots of action in the perennial garden.  I love being a passive participant this year–worked my bum off in spring 2010 and this is my reward.  This is only about 1/8th of the front yard (street-side) that is dead-on south-facing, so has lots of possibilities.

(I apologize for the weird spacing below.  It’s probably a Buddhist expression of peace and moving slowly.  I’m making that up.  I’m not very good with WP, but I also am not a perfectionist, so there!)

BuddyBoop hung out with me:

He's fluffy, really! By the time he finishes shedding, he won't be a foot wide!

shade garden

I created the shade garden by planting tall ornamental grasses on the south and west sides of the existing Picea spp (spruce tree).  There is bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis), several species of hosta, three species of Heuchera, delphinium, columbine (aquilegia spp.) with double, pink, lacy 1-inch flowers, and two species of ferns.





the lilac bed

The lilac I placed close to the front door so the heavenly scent would greet me every time I walked to and from the car.

Also in the bed:

perennials–bachelor buttons (Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst Dream’); hosta being shaded by the lilac; grape hyacinths

ornamental grasses–Mexican feather grass (Nassella tenuissima) in pots so they’ll wave above the bed; Japanese Forest Grass (the striped grass) (Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’).

shrubs–Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald ‘n’ Gold’–it’s the yellow blotchy thingie; Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Red Prince’)–wonderful deep red trumpet-shaped flowers.

and rocks!  I LOVE rocks!



bachelor buttons in the lilac bed

There’s a rose bush to the right of the buttons (the red growth).  It was probably original to the house and had been planted in a peculiar place quite far from the house.

Last year, with a horribly painful shoulder, I dug it out–humongous roots–and put it next to the lilac. I found its tag way down in its roots–it’s called ‘Almost Wild’ and I understand why because it looks more like a wild rose.  And!  It’s scented!

There’s just something amazing about a scented garden being warmed by a south-facing sun… primal and earthy!






What else do we have here close to the house?

black mondo grass with funny berries, plus columbine leaves

turns out, the lilac does hate me! it only has ONE blossom!

bluebells right near the front door



Poppy leaves spreading out behind. Hops vines poking into the pic.  To the left of the bluebells is a grand clump of phlox, a pink scented variety.

close-up of the bluebells







morning naps

first of 42 naps: BuddyBoop!

so tired... can't keep eyes open... (Calpurrnia)

practicing making posts for travels in Italy in February!

la di da!

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