How many likes is too many?

Having trouble with the WP Like button?! This post might ‘splain things. Also, you can wander through evocative photos of the rather achingly scenic Cornwall area in the southwest of England. Too, they’ve been having summer these last several days! >:-D

Cornwall Photographic

I need to apologise for apparently not visiting your blogs lately.  I have been, only my presence has not been registering.  I liked too many of your posts in too short a time frame apparently.  This is what happened.  Not wanting blogging to totally dominate every waking hour, I thought I could perhaps spend a few hours, a couple of times a week, going through your blogs, I thought I’d cracked the blog/life equation.

However, WordPress had other ideas.  In order to prevent what the ‘Happiness Engineers’ term ‘Spam likers’, you can only press the like button so many times within a given time frame before your like button becomes inoperable and you are labelled – spam liker.  How many likes this is and what the time frame is, I don’t know and WordPress aren’t telling me but my like button has been disabled for some time now.  I’ve been…

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Kathryn M. McCullough

Whether or not, as a white woman living in middle America, I am as qualified as others to address the role race plays in the 2012  presidential election, as a writer who wants to participate in the national conversation around this year’s White House bid, I feel compelled to share my recent, racially implicated electoral experience.  Perhaps being a white woman who supports our country’s first African-American president in and of itself qualifies me to comment.  But, as a blogger representing the upcoming PBS documentary Race 2012, I share so I can encourage you to do the same.  I hope you will watch this election season special on October 16th (check local listings) and, regardless of your party affiliation, join the conversation, sharing your own observations and insights in the comments below.

I lived in Haiti during its most recent presidential election, the first since an earthquake…

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reverse Mojovation doesn’t work so well

Here I am wanting to hang out on the couch in my recuperation room.  There is a tiny, 9-lb calico kitty reclining in my spot.  I figure reverse Mojovation could work.   I have been intoning to Calpurrnia, very quietly:  “You are hungry.  You need a snack.  You are verrrrry hungry because it has been three hours since you’ve eaten.  You need a snack.”

She hasn’t moved from the spot except to reach out a paw and pat me while she purrs.

I may spend too much time alone.

practicing making posts for travels in Italy in February!

la di da!

snow day, slow day

doing mosaics even if not in the studio

A little song to get stuck inside your head! Risk it! Trust me! >:-D

(I can tell that I’m no longer all tired out from working because I’m a blabbermouth today!)

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!

Enjoy!  La la la la la la la!

Nakey boy in the backyard!

My husband is right now standing nakey in the backyard, in the sun, using the shaver-thingie to trim his beard.  I walked out and grinned at him and he said, “When I’m done, I’m going to use the air compressor to get cleaned up!”

Oy vey, I hear the compressor!  hhahahahahhahahaa

He tells me that the scene in The World’s Fastest Indian where the hero trims his toenails with the bench grinder was very freeing for all men.

PS.  He is in grooming mode and was looking at his black bathrobe where there were bleach spots or something.  He picked up the black Sharpie and took care of that!


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