magic food finger

Our blue-eyed BuddyBoop, whose name has migrated to such sobriquets as Ooper and OopityBoopity, is a wee bit cross-eyed.  He stands by his full food bowl and looks up at Big beseechingly and often mewls once quietly:  “Oh Monkey-Boy, I’m still a starving kitten and the food bowl is empty.”

Big has learned to stir the food with his Magic Food Finger.  OopityBoopity indicates his gratitude and has a snack out of the newly-filled bowl.

If the Magic Food Finger is not employed in the evenings, the 15-pounder jumps on me as I sleep and then stands on me.   The pain of focused pounds per square inch exerted by four cat paws cannot be underestimated.

BuddyBoop the Marshmallow

BuddyBoop the Marshmallow


making stamps

Sounds like “making book,” but I haven’t been doing any gambling.  Well, not with money, anyway.

The art world is generous in the extreme in sharing knowledge.  I learned some of these stamp-making techniques from Approachable Art by Judi Hurwitt (mixed media and textile artist).

String, apparently, we’ve been using since we were kids to make stamps.  Except I didn’t, so it’s new to me.  The bright green squiggles and squares are 3D paint I had leftover from some art attempt in the dark ages.

That painted blue page has imprints of other string and 3D paint stamps I’d made (poking out from under the easel).


It must be a sign of true love, BuddyBoop:


This pic makes me think of Wazeau and her beautiful crochet pieces that her cats insist on sitting on!

Always helping, but more in a revolving-door fashion.  Here I was cutting out a stamp and stencil and Calpurrnia held down the cardboard for me, the sharp x-acto knife by her bum notwithstanding.


Buddy came along after I’d finished with the knife.  That piece on the easel is where I’d used the 3D paint stamp of squares.


That is all.  Kinda talkative for a Blurt and Run.  I’ll try harder next time.  <:-D




what did you do to my food bowl, Monkey-Girl?!

Look fella.  If you hadn’t done one of those sweeping-in-an-arc vomits on the very old rag rug, said vomit that included 15 unchewed cat food bits, you could have continued in the food-bowl-on-the-train-placemat configuration.

Instead, for gobblers:

BuddyBoop’s library

BuddyBoop was kinda freaked out by the rocks in his food bowl, so I took one out and…

Lucky Calpurrnia

(It is true that I chose the books carefully.)

(It is also true that Big Mister had to spend time petting BuddyBoop at his food bowl (Buddy’s, not Big’s) to try to reassure him that there was still food in that thar bowl.)

Our thanks to nadbugs who has made the food bowl a zen garden!

Who Is Alexandra? Where is Montenegro? And How Can We Help Her Cats? |

Who Is Alexandra? Where is Montenegro? And How Can We Help Her Cats? |.
Me again.  Go see this lovely and informative article about Alexandra and her cats!  Plus Victoria Butterell/NeoWatercolour’s efforts to help!

Homeless cats stories | Usyaka

Homeless cats stories | Usyaka.

Go see what Alexandra has been doing for the homeless cats of Montenegro!  Amazing.

Up the Curtains: The Very Best in Cat Theatre

Up the Curtains: The Very Best in Cat Theatre.

Hey!  Yeah you!  With the cat stories!

Just go read this, then send your story links to Deirdre at Confessions of a Cat Woman!

Maybe you have a drawing and not a story?  Run it by the nice Confessions lady–you too could be part of Cat Theatre!

…Launching U.S.A…(Yes, its Usyaka ! !) …by Neo Watercolour

Victoria Butterell over at NeoWatercolour has captured Usyaka the Cat in watercolor!  Here’s a perfect rendering of that little cat sharpening her nose based on a photo by Alexandra, Usyaka’s human!    I just love looking at this photo–makes me grin!  And now we have an evocative watercolor, my repeated views of which may have driven the stats crazy!

Victoria is helping Alexandra to raise funds for cat-care using this painting!   Usyaka and her humans live in Montenegro (see map below) and as Victoria says: “… there are no official shelters or welfare facilities for cats.”

We can help, too!  Victoria’s post (link at end) will give more information about how we can do that.

Montenegro (see the orange arrow; click picture to enlarge.)

Interactive Google Map of Montenegro here.

Here is Victoria’s post.  Be sure to click to enlarge her photos so you can see the detail of the painting:

….Launching U.S.A……..(Yes, its Usyaka ! !)…… | Neo Watercolour.

friends in the studio

I have officially beaten the crap outta myself finishing the organization of the studio.

Some while back I posted a photo of the studio where I was pleased to see I captioned it “part” of the organized studio.  The mess was behind me, outta camera view and outta my eyeline when I worked.  (Now here’s a funny:  that photo showed up in a Google image search for “organized mosaics studio”!!  Am I going to have to ‘fess up?)

Since I love industrial stuff, a lot of it was heavy!!  (“la la la, I have the industrial disease!”)  Think:  many 3-gal buckets o’ cement, sand, and thinset (= mortar); sheets of steel lath, re-bar (ferchrissakes!), and at least a ton of tile (it felt like a ton as I moved it and organized it, and even brushed off the dust!).  (‘Nother post:  will post pics soon-ish.)

So, I’m not there, but here.  I took pics of the company I keep in there — before all the lifting, ladder-ing, heaving, and hammering.

This post was inspired by Pix, who posted a picture of her nearly 61-year-old teddy bear!  I, too, have had mine since birth, so it’s about 55 now.  He looks 195:  Pix had nicer siblings and no dogs as a child, I can tell!

(what can I possibly say?!)  I know:  that is NOT a 1980s legwarmer; it is a sock to keep his leg attached to his foot!

And then there is BuddyBoop who wandered in and started looking around.   Why is it that he tried–twice–to stand on the mosaic in process?  Oh.  He’s a cat.  I moved him over here so he could peruse the library shelves.

BuddyBoop in the studio–the organized part!
“Hmmm… Oh Monkey-Girl, perhaps something in these hot orange ceramic tiles?”

Finally, a beginning to a mosaic, with company that makes me laugh!

Red and glitter! hee hee hee!



Pusheen the cat

This animated cat is way too funny!

Pusheen the cat.

========================================================  ========================================================  Ed. note:  Be sure to click the link for The Fluffington Post. Doses of cute overload, smiling, and awwww-ing!  Look for The Basket of Evil Kitties!  <:-D

the miao chronicles

Our Miaos on Fluffington Post in their lovely hats from ToScarboroughFair! Chun in his signature blue beret models the finest feline haberdashery along with the lovely gray Pixie and our very own Lotus.

To Scarborough Fair has so many choices for the fashion-conscious kitty! See Sprocket’s red beret!
star-spangled sprockers

And don’t forget Lotus’s lavender witch’s hat!
lotus witch hat

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cooperative sleeping surface

Cats know!   Me:  the cooperative sleeping surface!

I figured out the library large-print books mean that I can read with one eye open!  And dim light when Big Mister is going to sleep!

I wish I had a photo of…

… Calpurrnia lying next to Big while he ate pasta and meatballs.  She stretched lazily, casually rolled to her back, and extended one paw and one claw and just missed hooking a meatball!

there are other reasons for stretching!

Anyone else miss a photo of something?!

morning naps

first of 42 naps: BuddyBoop!

so tired... can't keep eyes open... (Calpurrnia)

quietly popular for 10-1/2 minutes

Woke up shortly after falling asleep and have retired to my recuperation room, a place where I don’t bother Big while he tries to rest up from his full week of work.

When I got in here, Calpurrnia was crashed on the sofa, so I wrapped myself into the available space and we hung out.  Then BuddyBoop came into the room in his enthusiastic “I love everybody and everybody loves me” way.  He used the sofa as the launching pad to the scratching post by the window; he knows to not linger by the tiny girl kitty who is so grouchy to him.

He lay on the post, facing the room and here we all were.  For 10-1/2 minutes.

Then Calpurrnia left to get a snack and BuddyBoop followed her.  He loves to follow her to see what she’s doing even though she’d like him to go back out the kitty door and never come back thank you very much.

Later, it will be Calpurrnia sleeping between our heads, purring loudly, and BuddyBoop squished at my feet.

It’s a funny little family and I love being a part of it.  Each of them makes me feel like they love having me here, too.   How nice is that?!

Existential Cat video

Oh my! OK, you slaves to cats, get watching and pay attention!

Existential Cat video

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