I want health CARE; I don’t want health INSURANCE!

Repeat this over and over.  Understand what that really means.

Insurance is gambling and the house always has the edge.  You know that, yes?

Here’s the definition of insurance (Merriam-Webster.com):  “coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss [emphasis added] by a specified contingency or peril.”

Where in that definition does the word except appear?

What do you think of your medical person having to get permission to treat you certain ways so they’ll get paid?

Insurance companies have regular ole folks as employees, pleasant, loving, middle-class.   So, don’t take this personally–I know you’re fine folks there in the middle and bottom ranks.

The policymakers, on the other hand, are the ones in my sights right now.   I’m pretty sure you all are friends with the former Enron leaders and the Lehman Brothers.  And you may not be the 1 Percenters, but you are probably way the hell removed from the life of a 99 Percenter.

I have to admire the chutzpah of the insurance industry–they have so much extra dough-age that they can buy million-dollar naming rights to sports stadiums.   Where did that capital come from?  Even after the ginormous executive bonuses are paid?  After they finish handing out lavish gifts to our elected policymakers (=lobbying)?

It comes from your premiums that you paid with the expectation that you would have help paying medical bills because you entered into a contract with those folks who said they’d indemnify you against loss (but did you read the pages of fine print?).

I try to do the math, but it never comes out right:  I could pay insurer $400 a month as a premium, for the “safety” of being “insured,” but their policy is to have a yearly deductible, the amount I have to kick in before they’ll honor their contract, and in this case that deductible can be $5000.  Per year.  Add it up!  That’s $416 per month you’d have to pay out of pocket, in addition to the $400 per month premium.

Raise your hand if that math is absurd in your household budgeting!

I don’t want insurance.  I’m willing to accept the risks of living, O Foolish and Strange Me.  Since auto insurance is required by law in my state, the state is mandating that I gamble and that I enter into a contract where I don’t have a snowball’s chance of winning.

Thank you to the many medical practitioners who work with me on reduced fees for cash payment.  Remember, it’s easier on them, and much less expensive, to process a cash payment than to play the insurance game.

I like the health care I choose to receive.  It’s a direct relationship–thanks for cleaning my teeth!  There is no peculiar third-party complicating my wish to have my teeth taken care of.

Do we all understand that there are no guarantees with life and especially no guarantees of well-being just because you’re paying a premium?  That makes it a two-way street.  We must demand health care, not health insurance.

Do you hear the messages of fear being broadcast?  Please don’t be afraid; it’s just life and we all have to die of something (well, except my brother, EternalMan, and my husband who is sure he’ll be living forever; but that is just those two!).

I want health care.  I don’t want health insurance.    Stop telling me that I’m doomed if I don’t have health insurance.  What a load of crap fear-mongering!!  (See chutzpah, above.)

Mr. Obama, you gave me such hope there at the ending of the GDumbya Reign of Terror.  But then I heard that the health reform mandated purchase of health insurance.  Hey!  Should the government really be allowed to bypass my democratic process and force me to shell out or fine me if I don’t?!    Why, oh why, did the insurance industry play the central role in the so-called reform of our health care system?  (Hint:  lobbyists.)

The 99 Percenters might think of looking at this issue.   Folks with medical insurance are struggling financially with the costs of having medical care–see above paragraph with math question.   If you are un-insured, be sure to ask your providers for a cash-paying discount.  I even found a lab that will charge only 60% of the costs of tests if I pay that 60% in full in 30 days.

Our medical practitioners are working hard to help us save money and still get health care.  This means, for instance, that my physician’s assistant (PA) does research after her 10-hour days.  The list goes on of the kindness of our practitioners who got into the work NOT to work with insurance companies, but to do good and help people.  Go figure.  And–go thank them right now!

Some of you readers have been with me for a while, so another diatribe won’t surprise you.  What surprises me, is how long it has taken me to address the amorality of the health insurance industry, against which I have been railing  for YEARS.

Off to bake cookies again.  Cheap and tasty therapy!

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathryn McCullough
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 13:24:14

    Thank you for addressing this, Laurel. You gotta wonder what would happen if we all just refused to buy the damn “insurance.” That’s an occupation I coud really get behind. In the meantime, I’m going to fill your prescription for some baked goods. That’s the medicine I’m needing about now!


    • lahgitana
      Dec 22, 2011 @ 14:18:48

      That’s a great form of civil disobedience if that ridiculous part of the health care reform stays. Hmmmm…. You get started there on the East Coast and I’ll agitate on the West Coast!

      Happy baking! Whatchoo baking? Post pics? I made pfeffernusse dough and gingerbread cookie dough and both are slaking in their spices! Yum!


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