closer to the original Christmas tree


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  1. Kathryn McCullough
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 07:39:58


    This is about how I feel today. Yikes!



    • lahgitana
      Dec 15, 2011 @ 08:50:51

      groan at your pun…

      You feel like somebody is hanging your brain on a tree? >:-D

      Bet you’re tired from all the stuff surrounding that essay…. Close commenting so you can get some rest! ?? >:-D


  2. heretherebespiders
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 08:56:55



  3. sweetdaysundertheoaks
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 04:53:35

    Well! What a wonderfully naughty comment section Lahgitana. Seems I showed up for a post to make me laugh this morning. Sorry I have been MIA but I have been under the weather from food poisoning. When I felt sure I was gonna live I headed to Isobel’s and here :)


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