Cultural norms that changed after I learned them

I’m 54, right?  Not old, but have seen some life.    Some changes are too big to cope with.

I still can’t figure out these new-fangled public toilet paper dispensers.  They’re giant!  They have sharp edges!  They have mysterious exit points for the t.p.!

Since I get around a bit, I struggle a lot with these danged new things.  What was wrong with continuing with those recognizable rolls of t.p., the same ones that are sold for my house?

who decided "fair share"?

OK, so they had stops built in so you couldn’t take/use more than your fair share.  (Don’t get me started on the focus group that decided “fair share” or how they decided!)

newfangled with teeth

I sit there and think about the supposed efficacy of presenting the consumer-reliever with two giant rolls hidden behind smoked plastic, with little tiny letters that probably tell me where to “Tear Here.”  But I also can’t see up close any longer, and I am not overall a myopic person.

Did some consultant go to Kimberly-Clark and tell them the magical ways they could increase their profits?  And that in the advertising to their commercial buyers, could tell those companies who supply oodles of t.p. for public potties that they could save money because the guy whose job it is to add rolls to the rollers would not have to do so as often as when they had only those small rolls on a roller!   Ch-ching!  Money saved!

Yes, maybe not as often, but for longer stints because that guy needed a special key to open that big gray box and had to make two trips from the janitor’s closet because those rolls are so danged big!  So, what’s the big time/money saver here?!

Consumer-reliever is confused and sometimes gets a wee cut from those saw-toothed cutters that I can’t see because I’m flippin’ blind, too!

Age-ism, I’m tellin’ you!

Then there is the ongoing battle with the electronic, automatic, motion-detector paper towel dispenser–wave just right and you get a short piece of scratchy paper that doesn’t quite dry the hands.   But arrrgggh for you, if you get the wave wrong, which I usually do.   Drip, drip, drip.

electronic beg-for-a-paper towel

So there I am, once again, in public, muttering, then saying some impatient not-quite-swear words.  Finally, realizing that Universal Love is required, I speak softly, say please may I have a paper towel, and then wave ever so gently.  Whirrrrr here comes the towel.  Thank you, Universe.

Egad!  My hands aren’t dry!  Waaaaaah!  Don’t make me ask again!

A long time ago, while standing in the ubiquitous line in the cinema ladies room, I had lots of time to think and look around.  As I got closer to a magic stall, I ended up standing next to the electric, push-button hand dryer.  It actually had directions on a special metal plaque glued right next to the button:

  1. Push button to start.
  2. Rub hands briskly together.

Scratched into the metal was a Step 3 perfectly in line under Step 2, the etcher no doubt having had time to wait for a magic stall:

3.   Wipe hands on pants!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heretherebespiders
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 03:26:24

    Hahah! Two things: I went to THE Stonehenge in 2005, and kept a piece of the TP from there. It was like tiny pre-cut squares of wax paper. Lordy.
    My little give back to others gift is that when my hands are dry(ish) I give one more wave at the machine to leave a towel ready for the next person.


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