Let’s start out with a brief nod to the definition and etymology of the root word:


  1. of or relating to an island.
  2. remote, detached, aloof.
–from the Latin, insula,  for island.

OK, have the feeling?   If you’ve been visiting my blog, you may have noticed the post pondering the inequality of attachments.

One more thought about that:  we may notice and accept the inequality, but will quite likely never pierce the fortress walls of insularity.  I speak from experience, raw, recent, and shocking.

I hope those enisled people allow their young son to experience the world and let him off that imaginary island.  The two adults believe that circling the wagons around their little family will save them from the pain of the world.  They don’t see that it is keeping them from the richness and hope of love.

That’s the other side of that inequality sometimes.   It’s not exactly that the interest is unequal; it’s that those folks are far more interested in themselves, self-involved, enisled.

Which then means, it ain’t us–we’re still loving, balanced, willing to face the tough stuff, and able to love fully.


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