Raquel Welch

Oooo la la!  We went to the women’s roller derby last night.  These mostly 20s- and 30s- and 40s-something women had something swell goin’ on.  Round and round a fairly small track they went jabbing and checking and tip-toeing and sneaking around each other.   But no blood and splatter-matter.  One young woman in particular was a delight to watch–she is lithe, strong, sneaky, and was doing a whole lot of tip-toeing to skate by the crowd.      

I kept watching the action for the scenes I remember from Kansas City Bomber (ooh, look at me gettin’ all fancy ‘n’ sh** with the link!) with Raquel Welch.   The rules for this league are strictly enforced and certainly the women take them seriously–no elbows, no kicking, no poking eyes out, etc.   So, it was a sporting event where the women’s parents, kids, and even grandparents were rooting for them.  Here’s a clear explanation of their league.

My favorite moment came off-track:  at intermission (which is really called halftime, but I’m used to going to the thee-ah-tah, dahling), our party of three was heading outside where the caterer (!) was set up.  As we passed several of the women, I grinned at them rather shyly (they are celebs after all!) and one of them said in a sweet, girlish voice, “Wait!  Don’t go!  There’s more to come!”   I pointed to the caterer outside the door, grinned a bigger foolish grin, and said, “Food!”.  

How cute were they?!  Here I had expected to see spitting blood and splattering saliva on the track and they were just regular young ladies having the time of their lives!

We are hooked!  Oh, and they really do wear fishnets, which the Big Mister appreciated.  Our female companion and I also appreciated them, but in the sense that we admired certain styles of those great tights!

Thanks for reading.  Check out your local league and take the kiddies for some fun!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hit-O-Honey
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:43:31

    I’m glad you enjoyed! Thanks for coming and I really hope to see you in the stands next year cheering us on.


  2. lahgitana
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:02:12

    Very much so! I suspect we will be there!


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