Color Pencils

Right after I put away my drawing tools, of which there are many, I needed them again!  Just not for garden design.

In one of my first posts, I showed a picture of the stones I’m making to serve as the patio for our pergola. 

Peony leaves and fish gravel!

Right now, the first 3 are in place by the fountain so that one of them gets splashed on one side, changing the effect of the embedded leaf patterns.  The last 5 stones are still curing, and they will all be able to come out and play by the end of the month.  The consistent theme is the embedded peony leaves; to each stone, I added different bits of glass, marbles, cut-marble, and even a string of tiny blue beads.   (The Big Mister asked me if that string was from Mardi Gras, and if so, how did I end up with them?!  Harumph.  The answer is no, they didn’t and I didn’t.)  All of those bits came from my long-collected-at-garage-sales supply of mosaic pieces and parts.

Which brings us back to the drawing tools.  I decided 8 stones were enough for now and that I needed to move on to something else.  I cast a shallow 15-inch-diameter bowl in white concrete and sand with the intention of mosaicing the inside.   I pored over my mosaic books and found a design that seemed to fit the idea of a shallow bowl that will live outside, gathering rainwater, and probably turn out to be yet another water bowl for the cats. 

Buddy Cosmo Scooter: he gets called many things! He adopted us through Calpurrnia's kitty door.

Not because I deemed it so, but because, well, they’re cats and they choose what they choose and we have little control. 


I digress. 

Out came the color pencils and oil pastels, along with the circle template. 

Didn’t need the drawing scale because I knew I’d be eyeballing pencil to paper.

architect scale

Modified the design as I sketched.  The colors were harder to decide upon, but once I parsed the artist’s intent I knew what to do next.  My usual jewel tones are missing from this outing; instead there are unusual pastels, the darker shades rather than the ubiquitous pinks and blues.

The colors remind me of the Tuscan landscapes I will soon experience in person:  sandy white, even celadon green (my favorite color), a burst of deep sky blue, and burnt Siena.  All those years ago with my box of crayons, I’d marvel at that name, burnt Siena, and wonder where that name came from.   I figured it was some kid who had charred a town!(Blaming a kid was logical because with my brother, my partner-in-crime, as kids we were playing with matches in the woods and, um, accidentally set those remote woods on fire.  Fire trucks.  Hoses.  Mom looking at us and knowing, which means the firefighters knew it was us.  I’ve never been the same after torching Mother Nature.)

You must see a photo of the town of Siena in Italy to understand perfectly.

Siena, Italy

See the "burnt" Siena?

So, it’s off to the mosaic tile store to choose and price (I am unemployed still, after all!) the colors I talked over with my Mom.  (Oh, my Mom!  How many posts could I make about my fabulous Mom?  She is a huge part of the inspiration of the post called Fan-Fare.)

Ah, the creativity and inspiration that arise when the tired recedes.

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