Case Closed

My drawings in their portfolio arrived from my instructor this morning via FedEx.  He declared the value at $100, which amuses me somehow!   If I were lucky enough to sell one of my concepts, the going rate is much, much more than that!  Oh well, c’est la vie!

It was good to have them back in my possession and to surf through his comments.  I went from feeling like a zero to creating landscape drawings like I knew what I was thinking and doing.  In 9 months.  Despite much interference by Life in my learning.  OK.  Not bad. 

I put away my drawing tools yesterday and cleaned up that corner of the living room where I’ve been encamped.   Now the portfolio is put away, too.   Sad to not see my bazillion color pencils and markers, the triangles, and the architect’s scale.  But it was time to draw a line (in the sand) for myself and focus on a new direction.  Whatever the hell that is.

Me no like Limbo. 

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