They’re Blowin’ Smoke; We’re Twistin’ in the Wind

Geez, that sounds like a Bob Dylan tune!  Oh, Bob, please sing me a song….

I read the news on the internet.  For most of my adult life I received a paper newspaper on the porch.  There is something frantic about reading news that is 2 hours old instead of 15 hours old.

Reading the news on any online source immediately upsets me.  Every so often I have to stop reading that which is called “news” because I have many emotions on the not-feel-good side of the scale–fury, sadness, grief, anxiety.

Today I feel fury.  I’m seeing red.  Today is a Saturday in mid-2011, 3 days before the US defaults on its debt.  Whatever that means.  Don’t get me going; I’ve read the explanations.   Look up the word “obfuscation.”  Learn the meaning.

Blowin’ Smoke:

  • Make a lot of noise about a piece of business that usually doesn’t make the public radar.
  • Shove into the “debate” the limited agendas of pro-wealth legislators.   Make it sound like we’re still talking about the debt limit.

Twistin’ in the Wind:

  • Now, reduce benefits for us struggling schmucks and lessen taxes on the wealthiest 1%.
  • Hold our lives and livelihoods hostage while you stamp your feet and want your partisan, party-line I-don’t-give-a-rodent’s-buttocks-about regular-folks, just give me what I want.  To hell with anyone who doesn’t agree with me/us.

Didn’t they go to the same kindergarten classes I went to where we were constantly exhorted to share?!   Even punished for not sharing?

I appreciate the folks who work on my behalf in DC, but it is getting harder to believe that anything done there has anything to do with my life.  The folks who spend hours stamping feet and shouting have easy access to health care and cash.  I have neither.  We’re doing OK here, not in danger of losing our house or not having enough to eat.

Our lives place us in the Middle Class.  Which is going away.  Um, when you tell me that the Middle Class is going away, what happens to the minutiae of the lives of the people who make up that segment?

Do we really have to return to a feudal European economy?  Don’t you see where you, our leaders, our leading us?

How dare you?

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