My Peeps

I went today to see my former work partner at work, who is also my friend (we became true friends very quickly upon working together).  (Along the way, I was reminded why I loved working there–see previous post.)

She and I and one more woman made up The Coven there at work, so named cuz our husbands could feel our power when we were together bwah-hahahhahah.   That one other was laid off the same day I was, about 15 minutes before I was.   She got a new job within 3 months.

I needed to be with at least part of my group because our now-separated group of 3 recently took a big hit:  the new-job lady has ovarian cancer.  Stage 1, but an aggressive version.  She is 46.

I’m numb from the wackiness of my life recently, so I can’t exactly feel the upset.  I did finally today, very briefly, when I got to see same-job lady.  She hadn’t talked to our friend who had just passed the news to me yesterday.  We know better than to call same-job lady at work with anything upsetting–she’s a big ole softie and is private, besides.  So, I told her today.  We are both in the stage of “yeah yeah, we know, but the unthinkable that we’ve been thinking about can’t happen to her.”  No matter that her elder sister four years ago died of the same cancer.

Let me tell you how new-job lady came into my orbit.  I had been working temp there along with regular employee same-job lady.   I was making breakfast–bowl of cereal–and had retrieved my container of soy milk from the fridge.  New-job lady worked in the cube attached to ours and she and I could see one another.  That day, we may have exchanged a pleasantry or two and she was practicing her social-interaction skills, and upon spying the soy milk, casually asked me if I was lactose-intolerant.  I turned slowly to look at her, paused, and asked “Are you asking me if I have gas?”  That cemented the deal!  We 3 laughed until we cried.  Loudly!

Please don’t take that away from me.  I don’t want only the memory.  I want that woman who takes no nonsense, is so very bright, and makes me laugh like hell.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. schlurpytalkin
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 03:48:28

    Ha! You did seem a little farty that day and I was just expressing my concern for a new coworker :). Stop worrying my friend, I shall be around a very long time
    to make inappropriate comments, abuse your stuffed animals and most importantly to make you laugh until you cry.


  2. lahgitana
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 07:07:33

    See?! See??!! That’s how it was and how it is! See?! Who could live without that?! (Nice haircut!! Nice pic!!)


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