Co-ink-i-dink? I think not!

My Mom has saved bits and pieces of her past lives and passed them to me.   The day before I posted about Italia, I found a stack o’ stuff from her in the Italy section of a dusty bookcase.  Lots of small tourist booklets from Second-World-War-time Italy from my uncle who was an officer in the hospital corps.  There’s a slim volume about Siena, which has been on my list for 10 years.  How is this possible?  (He must have been on leave from North Africa, where he did serve.  Shudder.)

Sometime in my 30s when I had been living the outdoor, self-propelled life in Alaska, I found out something special about a tiny town that I love and where I thought I’d retire–Seward, AK.  My paternal grandmother was shipped to Seward as an unmarried girl who hadn’t quite found a husband yet.  She did find her husband there, my grandfather.

In my late 20s–Mom you started telling me stories then, yes?  Or did I start to listen?–while working as a technical editor, I found out that my mother had worked as a technical editor in the 1960s for Chrysler Missile!  (Chrysler Missile was the reason we moved to Taranto.)  Remember this as the time of NATO, the Cold War, and nuclear attack worries.

My own parents after they were first married in the early 1950s were headed to work in Alaska, but the contract fizzled and they ended up in a more southerly portion of the Pacific Northwest.   I moved to Alaska after college and lived 16 amazing years there.  I’ve been gone for 13 years and I’m still homesick.

I used to be amazed by these co-ink-i-dinks, but now I am rather blase (where’s the acute accent here?) and just find that the revelations give more structure to my life.

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  1. Mom
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 18:59:23

    You mention Taranto–noone I know knows it’s even in Italy! Have you had any questions about it? It’s a poor part of Italy, and Calabria, (the city-state), is where the drug-carrying boats arrive to feed the rest of Europe. So I’ve been told.


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