A long time ago a friend called me, in Spanish, gypsy.  Other people from time to time, in English, have also referred to my spirit that way.

I have viewed myself as a gypsy, but thought I had more in common with a quixotic search than a roaming life.  Life is an enormous search to feel the breeze of the bits and pieces of existence against my brain.   Because of this internal wiring, I can’t have a sedate life, a life full of predictability and assumption.  I want to be like the other kids, sometimes, but I’m not.  When I was a kid, I would beg the Universe for a boring life.

Accepting limitations is anathema.  Again, I try to fit in, but that internal wiring jolts me.

When I follow that roaming instinct, I feel joy and fully alive.  Parts of my brain feel connected to the parts of the world I’m tasting.  As if the wiring circuits become complete and I’m functioning on all 4 cylinders.  (Can’t be 6 or 8 cylinders because that’s just too much!)

It’s time to make a list of those Taste of the World experiences.  Just for grins.  Just to remind myself that I really am having a good time even though the daily grind does grind.

Time to dash (!) into Big City along the repugnant, incomprehensibly-wrong freeway (free?  hahahaha! huge price to pay to be among humanity that way) to pick up my design drawings from the last class.  Which is another thing.  Hokey-smoke, Bullwinkle!  Do I really have to make a 40-mile trek one-way to go to a class where I am taught for 2 hours, then for the remaining 3  I am teaching myself??!!   Don’t get me going!  I’ve had lots of formal education and this new piece is sposta be preparing me to get back into the workforce, from which I was forcibly ejected because of the economy 1-1/2 years ago!  Yeah, right.

However, those attempts at preparing to return to work have shown me my roaming-ness again.   I prolly need to have a bunch of income-producing activities rather than one job, even though that one job I had was pretty darned good.

How about concrete art?  Garden design?  OK.  >:-D

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