Collecting rocks

Concrete and cement seem, in hindsight, to be part of the natural evolution of my life.

I’ve always collected rocks and other bits of life seen at my feet.  One time, a 70-year-old friend was helping  me on my 25th move and he lifted one box, groaned, and said, What do you have in here?  Rocks?  I am honest, so said yes.  At least some of them were volcanic from an Alaskan adventure.  I think I wasn’t sposta to collect because I was in a park.  Oopsie.

In college, I tried to stick to the course of study prescribed, but it should have been proscribed because it was a poor fit.  I wandered anyway and took classes I wanted to take like human anat and physiology, Latin, and a class called Greek and Roman Private Life.  Turns out that those pesky Romans knew all about concrete and even used it underwater!  Who knew?   Our puny minds right now think we’ve invented EVERYTHING!  I gather more humility as I age; do you?

So then concrete seeps into my life a hundred and five years later–I can’t remember how–it has been almost 5 years and my brain is filled up with other stuff now.  Probably had something to do with Gaudi’s work in Spain and my desire to mosaic a mansion!

Rats!  I have to go now, but it’s for something fun–meeting and eating with a group of community gardeners and being introduced as someone who is going to present a new design for their work area.  This is unpaid work in the form of an internship and finally a real-life situation for design.  It’s hard to make up designs in class; I do really well listening to other people and hearing what they have to say.  (And that is related to my former career (read:  bad economy) as a technical editor!)

(Finished the gardening meeting–gardeners are a swell bunch!  Now, it’s off to a wedding to watch young people say I Do!)

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